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Ask us how you can reduce or eliminate the presence of microplastics with our advanced filtration products!

Our passion is providing fresh clean water to discerning customers who care about health & sustainabilty.

Mountain Fresh Canada is a Calgary based company with over 35 years in the water filtration industry and has been manufacturing the Mountain Fresh 3 Stage Filtration System locally for over 25 years.

We specialize in all types of water treatment systems and back these great products with superior service. Trust one of our trained technicians to install, maintain and service your Mountain Fresh filtration products.

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Residential Water Filters

Residential water filtration systems provide clean and safe drinking water at home by effectively removing impurities and contaminants. Beyond enhancing taste and odor, these systems address concerns such as chlorine, sediment, and heavy metals, promoting the well-being of individuals and families. The installation of these systems not only ensures high-quality water straight from the tap but also contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing the reliance on bottled water and minimizing plastic waste.

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Commercial Water Filters

Commercial water filtration systems ensure a consistent supply of clean water, enhancing product quality and taste. These systems also extend equipment lifespan, reduce maintenance costs, and demonstrate environmental responsibility by minimizing bottled water use. Commercial water filtration is a strategic investment that improves operational efficiency, product quality, and sustainability.

  • We've been using Mountain Fresh filters at home and at the office for over 20 years. Cheapest, most effective way to filter water. Very low maintenance (they make a service... read more

    Trevor Textor

    The house we bought had mountain fresh filters installed so I called in because I had no idea about how it worked or when it needed to be replaced. ... read more

    Salva Scarfo

    Needed a replacement filter and these guys were able to drop it off at my house. Great service. Happy with the water taste. Thanks.

    Chris Edwards
  • Purchased a reverse osmosis filter two years ago, installed by Mountain fresh. I recently requested filter cartridge replacement. The system is great, installation and service was fast, professional... read more

    Dean Jarvey

    Just got off the phone with Matt, he is so kind and helpful!

    Alison Tolg

    Terrific customer service and a wonderful water filtration system. For both of these reasons I highly recommend Mountain Fresh. My parents originally bought their system years ago and I wasn’t... read more

    Teresa White
  • Matt from Mountain Fresh is truly skilled in customer service. He did everything he could to ensure I got the service I needed. I highly recommend this company as what... read more

    Fiona Ho

    Awesome company. Matt came out and delivered a filter for me and answered all my questions as I moved into a house and assumed ownership of the water system. ... read more

    Cory Wong
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Mountain Fresh Canada Limited has been a member of the Better Business Bureau since 1988