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Attention Calgary Customers

Water from your Mountain Fresh Canada water filtration system is safe to drink in the event of a boil water advisory.


The Mountain Fresh Canada filter contains laboratory grade sediment filters and premium grade, organic coconut based granular activated carbon (infused with silver). Because of these high quality components, this filter is the best on the market for sediment and chemical removal. Simple maintenance will ensure that your Mountain Fresh™ unit remains functioning properly for years to come.

The first stage .4 micron filter is replaced only when the water flow starts to slow down at the tap. The .4 micron filter will trap all dirt, rust and sediment. In a residential application, this filter lasts an average of five years before it needs to be replaced.

The second stage .2 micron filter acts as a safety net should the .4 micron fail. These first two filters help keep sediment and particulate matter out of the third stage carbon filter thus maintaining its efficiency. This doubling of filters also ensures that cysts such as Beaver Fever and Cryptosporidium will be removed.

The granular activated carbon should be changed when a colorimetric test (such as Orthotolidine or OTO) shows presence of chlorine. Our testing on municipally treated Calgary water showed approximately 6,300 gallons of water could be used before chlorine could be detected. For domestic use, this would be 10 years at 2 gal/day.

Replacement parts are available from Mountain Fresh Canada as they have been specifically manufactured for this application.