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Attention Calgary Customers

Water from your Mountain Fresh Canada water filtration system is safe to drink in the event of a boil water advisory.


This sparkling, refreshing drinking water is healthier for you, saves money as it makes more beverages from concentrates and results in better tasting coffee and tea. It is also excellent for making baby formula and ideal for all cooking, making fresher tasting vegetables and delicious soups. Use it to make great tasting ice cubes and you will find that your pets love it and houseplants simply thrive!

  • Clear, healthy, consistent water quality
  • Fixed unit cost regardless of consumption levels
  • Convenience, no changing of heavy water bottles
  • Aesthetic improvement over bottled water with all hardware concealed under the kitchen sink
  • No empty water bottles to store
  • No free standing coolers to interfere with limited kitchen space
  • Typically costs 1/4 to 1/3 the price of bottled water over the life of the filter