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Attention Calgary Customers

Water from your Mountain Fresh Canada water filtration system is safe to drink in the event of a boil water advisory.


Mountain Fresh™ was created out of a vision. Our passion is providing fresh, clean water to discerning customers who care about their health. To provide our customers with the absolute best, we needed to ensure that purified water could be easily accessible in homes and offices while being easy to maintain.

In 1980, we began selling a brand name countertop filter. These bulky units sat beside the sink, were highly inefficient and had low-grade pre-filters that needed to be changed every month. Knowing there had to be a better way, over the next 5 years, we tirelessly tested different components and parts to come up with the ideal water purification system. We discovered that by using custom-made, laboratory grade pre-filters, we were able to get years of filtration out of the pre-filters instead of mere months. At this point we were still buying carbon filters from an outside manufacturer but the results were disappointing. Realizing we needed high quality carbon filters and unable to find anything on the market that met our standards, we decided to manufacture our own. In 1995, we sourced the highest quality, organic coconut based carbon (infused with silver) on the market, paired it with custom .4 and .2 micron laboratory grade pre-filters (an industry first) and mounted everything under the kitchen sink. The Mountain Fresh™ filter system was born.

Twenty-five years later we still believe in achieving exceptional results from our products and by controlling the manufacturing process, are able to meet and exceed these goals.

Today we're still a family-run business with the customer at the heart of everything we do. We're proud of our tireless pursuit of perfection in delivering the best possible purified water to our customers.